Services and Conditions


Chiropractic has utilized natural therapies as far back as the turn of the century. Contrary to belief, the chiropractic adjustment is not the only technique that a chiropractor may use. When controlled, these techniques can have a very beneficial effect on the body. Services consist of adjustments, chiropractic massage, cold laser therapy, custom foot orthotics, electrical muscle stimulation, interferential stimulation, microcurrent therapy, therapeutic exercise and ultrasound.

Chiropractic is based upon our bodies innate ability to heal, without the use of drugs or surgery. The modalities used utilize components such as sound, light and different electrical frequencies. We also utilize techniques such as stretching and trigger point therapy, and demonstrating proper exercises.

Treatment services vary and are dependent upon the patients symptoms and exam findings determined by the doctors expertise in the area of innate healing. Our goal is to provide gentle, yet effective care.


We are proud to provideĀ the highest quality chiropractic care availableĀ at our state-of-the-art facility located in Newhall. Our goal is to protect the well-being and increase the quality of the everyday life of our valued patients.

Here is a convenient alphabetical listing of the conditions and treatments that Dr. Sklar provides. Click on any condition or treatment to find out more about it. Dr. Sklar can begin your healing process and provide you with some immediate non evasive pain relief so make your appointment today.

Dr. Sklar can help with: