Have you been injured in a household accident? Any type of household accident can cause minor to major injuries to many areas of the the body and can be costly and painful. Dr. Sklar can help you find affordable natural relief from these injuries.

Dr. Sklar works with many attorneys and accepts liens so that the patient can focus on healing without worrying about finances.

Below is a list of services that Sklar Chiropratic provides that can help relieve your injuries due to an accident. Click on any service to learn more about it and the conditions they treat.

Adjustments / Manipulation
Chiropractic Massage
Cold Laser Therapy
Electrical Muscle Stimulation
Interferential Stimulation
Microcurrent Therapy
Therapeutic Exercise

For a free consultation with Chiropractor Nathan Sklar to discuss the injuries you sustained in your household accident and how chiropractic services may treat them or to schedule an appointment at our Newhall office serving all of Valencia and the Santa Clarita Valley, please call 661-222-7401 or Contact us today and we will be glad to help you begin the healing process.